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I cannot emphasize to you how much the scriptures mean to me. I have read the Bible over and over again in my life. I spent two years studying the Book of Isaiah alone and how much he emphasized the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ to the Earth. Isaiah also wrote concerning a remnant who would tread down the Gentiles in the last days if the Gentiles do not repent. The prophets of the Book of Mormon loved the words of Isaiah, especially Nephi, from which he extensively quoted. From the Book of Mormon, we get four important commentaries on Isaiah. They are given by Nephi, Jacob, Abinadi and at length, the resurrected Jesus Christ when He visited the ancestors of this remnant at Bountiful. We can find Christ’s commentary in 3 Nephi chapters 20 through 23. In His commentary, as he taught the people at Bountiful, He declared:

3 Nephi 23:1 And now, behold, I say unto you, that ye ought to search these things. Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah.

In my own life, I have taken these words to heart and have searched Isaiah diligently, but not only that, I have searched deeper and deeper the entire Book of Mormon. In the span of the last thirty years of my life so far, I have read (and listened on audio) the Book of Mormon about 120 times. I have honestly lost count. Now I am not sharing this to brag or boast, but to emphasize just how much this book means to me.  Having said all of that, I want to share something else that I have come to believe in, and that is a project that an acquaintance of mine and a friend on Facebook has been tirelessly working on for several years. His name is Darin Southam:


I personally believe in being anxiously engaged in a good cause, which is something we have been admonished in scripture to do. I have done and am doing as much as I am able to help Darin, including signing up as an extra. I’m not being paid to do it or to endorse his project. I may or may not become a part of it on screen and that is okay with me. I am not seeking recognition of any kind. It is something I choose to do because I care about his efforts, which have become the efforts of many volunteers. And honestly, I would really, really love to see this on the big screen and I would love to be able to buy the full length film whenever it becomes available on DVD. I hope Darin’s video above resonates with you as it does me. Here is the link to check out to see lots of behind the scenes content and to contribute whatever you are able and to buy a copy of the teaser clip of the movie, which was funded as a kickstarter:

Own Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty on Blu-ray/DVD



The actor who portrayed the Lamanite King Aaron, Ben Cross, has starred in many movies including the 2009 Star Trek, playing the Vulcan Sarek, shared his thoughts on participating in this role. I hope to see this project finished and to be able to watch the full length feature. Thank you for taking the time to read this today and to visit Darin’s website for more information. Please feel free to share on Facebook to help spread the word.