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I really try not to put a big light on myself as a person and I don’t care what critics and naysayers think about me. But I do not shy away from holding up my light rather than hiding it under a bushel. The light that I hold up is my Savior, Jesus Christ, and what He has done for me in my life. And maybe one day, I will share everything that I have seen and heard, but today I feel impressed to share one small experience.

It was May 6, 2008 when I was in my garage doing some work, as well as in the yard getting my sprinkler system fixed. I heard something, which startled me and when I looked up I saw a hummingbird hovering around the ceiling. It was the rapid flapping that had caught my attention. It flew back and forth trying to find a way out. The garage has a twelve foot high ceiling so the top of the main garage door opening, which was shielded by the open door, which hung above me, was a good four feet below the ceiling line.

It darted back and forth and it didn’t take long to realize that there was no way it would find it’s way out. I grabbed my snow shovel and lifted it up to try and guide it in the right direction, but all I managed to do was frighten it. Still I tried gently coaxing it for a while, hoping that I could get it to fly low enough to see the giant 8’x16′ garage door opening and fly to freedom. It just wasn’t working. I kept trying to think of different approaches, but there simply wasn’t one that wouldn’t hurt or harm it or even scare it further.

I know that the Lord is truly aware of His every creation, including this little hummingbird. I figured the simplest, though not necessarily the easiest way to do this was to take it in my hand and walk outside with it and release it. I silently prayed to God that I could truly think of no other way. Any flying thing that finds its way into my garage eventually dies and I didn’t want this fate for the hummingbird and I asked for help. I needed this little bird to trust me.

Just as soon as I had prayed, the hummingbird landed on a wire hanging above the motor of my garage door opener. It sat there and just looked at me. I knew this was my chance. I slowly climbed up on the hood of my car, careful not to make any sudden movements. I crawled up the windshield towards it as it continued staring straight at me. By now I was just a few feet away from it. I reached past the garage door motor and wrapped my hand around its little body. I braced myself, being in a awkward position, to keep from falling or sliding off my car and with my other hand I gently unwrapped its tiny feet from the wire as it did not seem to want to let go.

I was elated as I looked at the little guy just barely poking its head through my fingers. It was so small. I carefully climbed back down my car and walked outside where I observed it peeking through my fingers. It was a beautiful iridescent green in color. I opened my hand and watched it fly away. What a wonderful experience that was! I was thankful that God answered my prayer and I know that He cares about all of His creatures, even as tiny as a hummingbird. Because of this and many other personal experiences, I know that anything that we ask of God is granted us, if it is expedient in Him, if we ask in faith. Not all prayers are answered as quickly. I have literally spent hours at a time on my knees in fervent supplication before finally receiving an answer. This particular experience at this particular point in my life was also a great reassurance to me that God is aware of and loves one of His children named Marc Martinez.

P.S. It is more than a year after I published this post that the Lord taught me why He gave me this experience. I realize now that I am that little hummingbird. All my life, I have struggled to be still. I grew up a hyper kid and my mind continually races. I literally struggle to fall asleep every night. This experience has served as a parable for me and has taught me the importance of being still so that I can know God.