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There have been many times in my life when I have felt empty inside. It seems that each of us on the earth has a certain hole in our hearts that can only be filled by the love of Jesus Christ. Yet we try to fill it with all kinds of other things in order to find happiness. We wander from pleasure to pleasure, finding all kinds of activities and pursuits to fill that void.

We find that if and when we reached our fill, we move on to something else. One day we realize that no amount of wealth or pleasure or success in this world is enough. They only keep us distracted. It wasn’t until I truly made a decision to push all the world aside and let Him into my heart that it changed. That is when I truly began to learn to live like He did and to love like He did. And that void in my life filled faster than I could possibly imagine. And I have found that as it fills, it also expands!

One of my favorite Christmas songs is about an Innkeeper. It’s a story about a man who turned Joseph, Mary and their unborn baby away. In the Bible we read that there was no room in his inn. So often in my life, I have never had room or time for something or someone when in fact I simply didn’t make room or time for something. And that is what this song is about.

The Innkeeper (Let Him In)
By: Michael McLean
Vocal: Gene Moreford

I am a man forgotten
No one recalls my name
Thousands of years will fail to
Fully erase my shame
But I turned a profit
Nicely the day
That I turned the couple away
I turned them away…

I didn’t sleep that evening
Though I’d sold out my place
Somehow I felt uneasy
Something about her face
Why did I wish
That I’d let them stay?
I didn’t think they could pay
Or could they have paid?

Restless, I left my bedroom
I walked the streets all night
Lost in the world I lived in
Found by a heavenly light
Staring at one bright star in the sky
I heard a baby cry
And I knew where that cry
Had come from
‘Cuz I’d told them where
they could go
But I didn’t think I could face them
And so I walked slowly home
Missing my chance
To share in their joy
I never saw the boy

He never would condemn me
I did that all on my own
He offered His forgiveness
And ever since then, I’ve known
He lets us choose
Each hour of each day
If we’ll let Him in to stay

Let Him in
Let Him in
Let the joy and hope begin
Let Him in
Let Him in
Let the peace on earth begin

And whether it be
In your world today
Or a crowded Bethlehem Inn,
Find a way
Make Him room
Let Him in
Let Him in
Let the peace on earth begin
Let Him in
Let Him in
Let the joy and hope begin
Let Him in
Let Him in
Let Him in
Let Him in