Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

The meek shall inherit the Earth. Why? What does meek mean? The Greek word praus was used to describe a horse trained for battle. Wild stallions retained their fierce spirit, courage, but were disciplined to respond to the slightest nudge from the rider. They were not frightened by arrows, spears, or torches. Then they were said to be “meeked,” or in other words, completely loyal to, and dependent upon their master. It is the restraint of bridled power.

Think of Jesus who spoke a word and raised Lazarus from the dead, or who spoke a word and cursed the fig tree so that it withered, or who calmed the wind with a word when the disciples were scared of perishing, or who walked on water, or multiplied the fishes and loaves. Imagine any of us with that kind of power by speaking a word. What kind of evil would we do with it? Meekness is having the potential to be a monster, but having it under control. Jesus could have called down twelve legions of angels to fight, but instead He used his power to die for us so that He could save us. He did nothing except His Father’s will. Meekness is not being weak. It is being powerful yet subdued. It is to have control of yourself when you have the potential to wreak havoc. The meek shall inherit the earth not because they are harmless, but because they do not use their power to harm or injure others. Instead, they bless others.