Ten years ago today, as a call to action by M. Russell Ballard to share the gospel using the internet, I began this blog. It seems fitting that to celebrate this ten year anniversary, I share Parley P. Pratt’s small, but powerful book which he wrote while on a two month mission to New York. It was probably the most powerful LDS missionary tract of the 19th century. It’s a must read!

“You may blame me, and say that I am a false prophet, or mad, or possessed of the devil; but behold, your mocking will be of short duration; for soon the great Jehovah will mock when your fear cometh, and laugh at your calamity; and as for your scoffs, or frowns, or flatteries, I regard them not, for the Lord God has sent me, to warn you, and to prophesy these things, and him alone do I fear, And when I walk through the midst of you, and behold your abominations, I dare no longer hold my peace, lest the very stones should cry out.”–Parley P. Pratt, Voice of Warning, ch. 5, p. 142.