“There are many Christians who are looking for the mark of the beast. Though none seem to get what that will be, there are those who are getting closer in their guesstimates. The mark of the beast will indeed be a specific thing. However, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. Those with eyes to see recognize that it is merely the last step on a path that began some time ago. 

Unfortunately, almost all of those who watch for the mark of the beast–heeding the warning of the terminal nature of the choice to accept it–are already on the path to accepting it. They don’t realize that if they criticize those who are cancelled instead of offering to help them, if they stay in a geographical place they know is not best for them and their family even when they have the ability to move, if they stay silent to protect their income even while harming their conscience, if they take a mandated experimental therapy instead of losing their job–they are already on the path to taking the mark of the beast. They are already conforming to the presently available previews of the future situation. The future situation will be much harder to avoid than these things are now. If you can’t or won’t do the right thing now, it is extraordinarily unlikely you will do the right thing later.

Wake up.”

Reblogged from Upward Thought.